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Speak Out Against Cruelty to Wolves

Gray wolf
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Last year wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains were protected under the Endangered Species Act, but then an unprecedented congressional rider stripped that protection away. This followed promises from the states that wolves would be conserved as a game species like any other.

Instead, as you can see from photos in Earth Island Journal, by allowing shooting, trapping and snaring Idaho has opened a Pandora's box of wolf scapegoating.

It's no secret that livestock and hunting-outfitter interests are determined to drastically reduce wolf numbers in the northern Rockies. They're feeding an anti-wolf fervor under the banner of protecting elk and livestock, and the shocking cruelty apparent in the photos is a product of that hysteria.

Please sign the petitions below to help us expose and combat this official sanction of wolf persecution.

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Please take action by May 4, 2012.

Gray wolf photo courtesy USFWS.

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To learn more, visit the Center for Biological Diversity's campaign to save gray wolves in the lower 48 states.