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Gov. Brown: Don't Frack California

Fracking rig

California is on the brink of rapidly expanding fracking in our Golden State, despite the risks to our air, water, wildlife, communities and climate.

Across the country, more than 1,000 documented cases of water contamination have been associated with fracking and drilling, which pollutes our air with toxic chemicals and emits methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas. It also opens up new areas to fossil fuel development at a time when we need to transition rapidly to clean, renewable energy.

Governor Brown should follow the lead of New York, New Jersey and Vermont and prohibit fracking to protect our wildlife, our natural resources, our health and our climate. That's why the Center for Biological Diversity is joining our allies in pushing to get more signatures in support of a fracking ban than on any other environmental petition in the state's history. We need your help now to make it happen.

Please use the form below to sign the Center's petition to urge Gov. Brown to ban fracking.

1-25 of 9503 signatures
Number Date Name Location
9503 14 hours ago kent lennox san francisco, CA
9502 1 day ago Isaac Wollman San Luis Obispo, CA
9501 1 day ago S Sukhov Laguna Beach, ca, CA
9500 1 day ago Rebecca Harper California, CA
9499 3 days ago Perry Gx Tustin, CA
9498 3 days ago Michelle Barbour Agoura Hills, CA
9497 5 days ago Genevieve Gates Culver City, CA
9496 5 days ago Jessica Jean Posner Palmdale, CA
9495 5 days ago Lynn Nielsen-Bohlman San Francisco, CA
9494 5 days ago George Ruiz San Carlos, CA
9493 6 days ago Joanne Fuss Felton, CA
9492 1 week ago Dianne Sullivan Modesto, CA
9491 1 week ago Rod Repp B.P., CA
9490 1 week ago Joann Evans CA, CA
9489 1 week ago Joe Faris Santa Monica, CA
9488 1 week ago Samantha Hoang Campbell, CA
9487 1 week ago Marie Perry Ceres, CA
9486 1 week ago Jan Repp B.P., CA
9485 1 week ago larry Downing PORT HUENEME, CA
9484 1 week ago Nancy Spittler Lafayette, CA
9483 1 week ago Winona Suyenobu Santa Cruz, CA
9482 1 week ago Jarod Caitlin North Hollywood, CA
9481 1 week ago Michele Smolen Studio City, CA
9480 1 week ago Claire Chambers Murrieta, CA
9479 2 weeks ago Evan Rosenblatt Van Nuys, CA
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Photo of fracking rig courtesy Flickr/Jeremy Buckingham.

Please take action by August 1, 2016.

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To learn more, visit the Center for Biological Diversity California fracking page.