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Protect Southern California Wildlife From Runaway Road Building

Southwestern willow flycatcher
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Don't let the politicians and bureaucrats fool you: The Mid County Parkway is an environmental and financial boondoggle.

The parkway would hurt threatened and endangered species and habitat for thousands of birds including the Southwestern willow flycatcher. It would encourage urban sprawl, increase traffic and greenhouse gas emissions, threaten water supplies and reduce available farmland. This new highway is slated to cut through the heart of the San Jacinto Valley, a biodiversity hotspot and globally important bird nesting and breeding area.

To add insult to injury, with a price tag of $2 billion it's a major waste of taxpayer money. There are smarter, cleaner, cheaper transportation options. Even at half its original size, the Mid County Parkway is still an oversized disaster.

Use the form below to speak out now. Tell the Riverside County Transportation Commission to say no to outdated road building that favors trucks and big-money developers over people and threatens one of Southern California's most precious biodiversity hotspots.

*Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Please take action by June 30, 2015.

Photo of Southwestern willow flycatcher by Rick and Nora Bowers.

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