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Tell Texas: Stop Gassing Animals

Western diamondback rattlesnake
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In Texas hunters can still use gassing -- blowing gasoline fumes into snake dens and capturing any snakes that surface in order to breathe.

Gassing is already banned in dozens of states -- including every state that borders Texas -- for good reason: Underground dens provide homes for hundreds of species, including foxes, lizards, birds and invertebrates. In Texas alone 20 endangered species live underground and can be hurt or killed by the toxic fumes.

Texas is proposing to outlaw the practice, but there's some strong opposition. Prohibiting the use of gasoline to hunt snakes would reduce the number of snakes supplied for Texas's "rattlesnake roundups" -- bloody contests where hunters compete for prizes by capturing native snakes. Thousands of Texans attend these gruesome events each year, and roundup supporters fiercely oppose the state's effort to ban gassing

Please take action now to urge Texas officials to ban the use of gasoline for hunting and protect Texas's snakes and other wildlife that share their underground homes.

Read more about Texas's proposal here.

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Please take action by Sept. 1, 2014.

Photo of western diamondback rattlesnake courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Clinton and Charles Robertson.

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