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Don't Let Big Oil Frack California's Coast


Despite a moratorium on new oil leases off California's coast, some oil and gas companies are extending the life of existing oil operations by fracking: Old leases that should be retiring are adding to our country's addiction to fossil fuels.

Fracking involves the use of toxic chemicals blasted at high pressures to force oil and gas out of subsea rock. The way the law currently stands, some companies are allowed to dump their wastewater directly into the ocean.

Help save whales, dolphins and fish from unnecessary harm -- insist that our leaders bring a stop to this dangerous practice. 

Sign the Center for Biological Diversity's petition below to urge the California Coastal Commission and other leaders to halt offshore fracking now.

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Please take action by Nov. 8, 2016.

Photo of dolphin courtesy Flickr Commons/Blue Dolphin Marine Tours.

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