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Save Penguins and Our Climate

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The unique emperor penguin is being driven extinct by the melting of sea ice in Antarctica. Star of "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet," this charismatic bird needs sea-ice habitat to raise its chicks.

The federal government is considering protecting this penguin as an "endangered species" because global warming is melting its icy Antarctic home. This protection will help protect the penguin from harm and encourage government action to fight climate change.

Slowing climate change to prevent the melting of ice sheets in Antarctica is critical to maintaining a safe climate.

Please sign the petition below urging the government to protect the emperor penguin from climate change.

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4695 4 hours ago Melissa Jenkin Boca Raton, FL , US
4694 4 hours ago Melissa Jenkin Boca Raton, FL , US
4693 1 day ago Liberty Brigner Columbus, OH , US
4692 1 day ago Matthew Hartlieb Mesa, AZ , US
4691 1 day ago Lara Linnemeier Düsseldorf, ot , DE
4690 1 day ago donna grace Gulfport, FL , US
4689 1 day ago Casey Jo Remy Days Creek, OR , US
4688 1 day ago candice schellenger reno, NV , US
4687 2 days ago Laura Freeney Loranger, LA , US
4686 2 days ago Thomas Piper Laurel, MD , US
4685 2 days ago Margaret Stephens Salem, OR , US
4684 3 days ago Ines Gaa Mannheim, ot , DE
4683 3 days ago liron solomon holon, ot , IL
4682 3 days ago Elizabeth Boggess Hammond, IN , US
4681 3 days ago Thomas Kuntz Portsmouth, VA , US
4680 3 days ago Patricia Maddox Unicoi, TN , US
4679 4 days ago Martin Haunhorst Bonn, ot , DE
4678 4 days ago Anonymous Denville, RI , US
4677 4 days ago Jin Nothmann Owings mills, MD , US
4676 4 days ago Lily Sandoval Pasadena , CA , US
4675 4 days ago Debbi Trudeau Perris, CA , US
4674 4 days ago Debbi Trudeau Perris, CA , US
4673 4 days ago pETER HAWES London, ot , GB
4672 4 days ago pETER HAWES London, ot , GB
4671 4 days ago Nick Franklin Palm Springs, CA , US
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Photo of emperor penguins courtesy Flickr/Christopher Michel.

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