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Save Penguins and Our Climate

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The unique emperor penguin is being driven extinct by the melting of sea ice in Antarctica. Star of "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet," this charismatic bird needs sea-ice habitat to raise its chicks.

The federal government is considering protecting this penguin as an "endangered species" because global warming is melting its icy Antarctic home. This protection will help protect the penguin from harm and encourage government action to fight climate change.

Slowing climate change to prevent the melting of ice sheets in Antarctica is critical to maintaining a safe climate.

Please sign the petition below urging the government to protect the emperor penguin from climate change.

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5094 9 hours ago Drue CAli Calimesa, CA , US
5093 17 hours ago Pam Miller No. Highlands, CA , US
5092 20 hours ago Tina Zeeberg Portland, OR , US
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5090 22 hours ago Caitlin Loughman cedarhurst, NY , US
5089 1 day ago mr. g. west everett, WA , US
5088 1 day ago Susan Helmstetter Livingston, NJ , US
5087 1 day ago Anonymous Easton, PA , US
5086 1 day ago Missy Kendrick Valdosta, GA , US
5085 2 days ago Anonymous Orange, CA , US
5084 2 days ago Paige Wickline Madison, WI , US
5083 2 days ago Liane McFetridge Northolt, ot , GB
5082 3 days ago Karina Dansie Sandy , UT , US
5081 3 days ago Susan Krauss Manhattan and added, NY , US
5080 3 days ago Faith Strailey Quincy, CA , US
5079 3 days ago Veronica Reyes Chatsworth, GA , US
5078 3 days ago Frances Mackiewicz Beachwood, NJ , US
5077 4 days ago Shalise Wilson Roseville, CA , US
5076 4 days ago Kyle myers cohasset, CA , US
5075 4 days ago Kyle myers cohasset, CA , US
5074 4 days ago Maria Nowicki San Francisco, CA , US
5073 4 days ago Richard Penoyar Midland, MI , US
5072 4 days ago Patricia Missell Webster, NY , US
5071 4 days ago Armida Franceschini Ramona, CA , US
5070 4 days ago Donna Champagne Holyoke, MA , US
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Photo of emperor penguins courtesy Flickr/Christopher Michel.

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