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Save Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterfly

Monarch butterflies urgently need your help. This iconic, orange-and-black beauty was once common in backyards across the country -- but its population has plummeted by 90 percent in the past 20 years. One of the main causes of its decline is the widespread use of Monsanto's Roundup (glyphosate) -- which is wiping out milkweed, the butterfly's only host plant.

That's why we've petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list monarchs as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The Act is 99 percent effective at preventing species from going extinct, but a species must first be listed to reap the benefits of the Act's protections.

These incredible creatures need our help to survive. Every year monarchs migrate thousands of miles -- from Mexico to Canada -- in an incredible, multigenerational journey that thrills all who are lucky enough to witness part of it. But without swift action, we may see the end of this migration.

Please sign our petition to urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect monarch butterflies under the Endangered Species Act before it's too late.

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14818 4 hours ago Stephanie Linam Benicia , CA , US
14817 10 hours ago Anne Mazzone Easton, CT , US
14816 1 day ago JANICE CHUI VANCOUVER, BC , CA
14815 1 day ago Jewell Kelley Grove City, OH , US
14814 1 day ago Paula Kennon Westerville, OH , US
14813 1 day ago Anonymous San Jose, CA , US
14812 1 day ago Quentin Fischer Roanoke, VA , US
14811 2 days ago Sufi Olsen Eugene , OR , US
14810 2 days ago Joan Timpany Santa Cruz, CA , US
14809 3 days ago nita patrick West Hollywood, CA , US
14808 3 days ago Brenda Boutin Cincinnati Hamilton County, OH , US
14807 3 days ago Charity Loveless Columbus, OH , US
14806 3 days ago carol Lipko Bath, PA , US
14805 3 days ago Nina Zabec Natrona Heights, PA , US
14804 3 days ago Carol Vogt Covington, OH , US
14803 3 days ago Amber Gilchrist elbert, CO , US
14802 3 days ago John Everett Grass Valley, CA , US
14801 3 days ago Anonymous Endicott, NY , US
14800 4 days ago Ann Roberts-Ostapack Horse Cave , KY , US
14799 4 days ago JUNE CAMPBELL TUCSON, AZ , US
14798 4 days ago Pamela Llewellyn Berkeley, CA , US
14797 4 days ago Nancy Loftin Toledo Lucas County, OH , US
14796 4 days ago Dianna Hoyt South Euclid, OH , US
14795 5 days ago Anonymous Gladbeck, ot , DE
14794 5 days ago patty senger cincinnati, OH , US
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Please take action by Dec. 30, 2017.

Photo by Samuel/Flickr.

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