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Calling All Youth: Take Action for the Wild

American pika

You're young. You're dismayed by the evidence of so many animals and plants becoming endangered and going extinct; you're alarmed by the fact that our governments aren't doing more to curb dangerous climate change.

You want to do all you can to stop extinctions and curb global warming.

That's all we need to know.

Please sign this pledge to go on record that you're serious about preserving the wildlife and wild places of Earth — whether it's by following our everyday life tips or starting your own nonprofit — to play a role in changing the world.

This pledge won't sign you up for any particular action. It's our way of giving you a chance to take that leap in your mind and identify yourself as a conservationist. You'll make a difference.

For your own privacy, we ask that you please use only your first name. Thank you!

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2320 3 days ago Philip IA
2319 3 days ago Laura Rose-Fortmueller FL
2318 4 days ago JIOFACK tafokou Rene ot It's our Governor's commitment to protect environment and fight against global warning by bringing out actions that allow local communities to be involved
2317 4 days ago Baruc Cordova CA
2316 5 days ago william bedinghaus FL
2315 5 days ago margaret roy ot
2314 7 days ago Mm Mill CA
2313 1 week ago Bonnie Steiger CA
2312 1 week ago Lennart Blomqvist NY
2311 1 week ago Cinzia Caporali ot
2310 1 week ago Anonymous IL
2309 1 week ago CO I think our government needs to protect animals and the environment for future generations.
2308 1 week ago CO I am the future and I want there to be wild animals and wild spaces to take my children to visit when I am an adult.
2307 1 week ago Stephen Cournoyer FL
2306 1 week ago Yael Shimshon ot
2305 1 week ago JOYCE SUGGS AZ
2304 1 week ago chad fuqua TX
2303 1 week ago Lary McKee OR
2302 1 week ago liron solomon IL+05
2301 1 week ago liron solomon IL+05
2300 1 week ago Camden WA Please dont make all the animals die. I want to visit them in my woods for the rest of my life.
2299 1 week ago Garo Kassabian NY SAVE MOTHER EARTH!
2298 1 week ago C Cechi CA
2297 1 week ago Anonymous NV
2296 1 week ago Elizabeth Conlan ot
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Please take action by Nov. 8, 2017.

Photo of American pika by William C. Gladish.

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