Calling All Youth: Take Action for the Wild
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Calling All Youth: Take Action for the Wild

American pika

You're young. You're dismayed by the evidence of so many animals and plants becoming endangered and going extinct; you're alarmed by the fact that our governments aren't doing more to curb dangerous climate change.

You want to do all you can to stop extinctions and curb global warming.

That's all we need to know.

Please sign this pledge to go on record that you're serious about preserving the wildlife and wild places of Earth — whether it's by following our everyday life tips or starting your own nonprofit — to play a role in changing the world.

This pledge won't sign you up for any particular action. It's our way of giving you a chance to take that leap in your mind and identify yourself as a conservationist. You'll make a difference.

For your own privacy, we ask that you please use only your first name. Thank you!

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2405 1 day ago sara sexton TX
2404 5 days ago Roselle Gaybbit RU+91
2403 1 week ago Jamie Guy-Ostrowski LA
2402 2 weeks ago Cheryl Walker CO
2401 2 weeks ago sara sexton TX
2400 2 weeks ago Michelle Krueger IN
2399 3 weeks ago Michael Wauschek CA We all need to do are part #Miniwiconi
2398 3 weeks ago Marie Alabiso MA
2397 3 weeks ago Anonymous Utah Top predators are important to keeping ecosystems in check.
2396 3 weeks ago Jason Phelps MI
2395 3 weeks ago sara sexton TX
2394 3 weeks ago Zachary Finn IN I love nature and deeply regret on (behalf of humanity) every species loss we have caused in the past 30,000 years.
2393 4 weeks ago James Tillotson TX
2392 4 weeks ago Karma SamtenLhamo BE+04
2391 4 weeks ago Lary McKee OR You are our future and more than anything I would love for you to be more aware of today's plight concerning our animals both domestic and wild. They all need our help desperately!
2390 4 weeks ago mauricio carvajal ot
2389 4 weeks ago Pam Wilbourn MI
2388 4 weeks ago Megan Baker MO
2387 4 weeks ago Kelley Slack WA
2386 4 weeks ago Megan Prior TX
2385 4 weeks ago Kim Sellon NJ
2384 1 month ago Seb Villani CA
2383 1 month ago Charmaine Breitengross CA
2382 1 month ago Debra Cassiero CA
2381 1 month ago J. Woodworth WA
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Please take action by Nov. 8, 2017.

Photo of American pika by William C. Gladish.

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