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Tell Obama: Our Public Lands and Climate Aren't for Sale

Keep It in the Ground The Center for Biological Diversity has launched a groundbreaking campaign to end all new fossil fuel leasing on America's public lands, and now we need your help to drum up support and help break the flow of business as usual.

Under his "all of the above" energy policy, President Obama has already leased nearly 15 million acres of public land and 21 million acres of ocean to the fossil fuel industry. And, in total, more than 67 million U.S. acres -- an area 55 times larger than Grand Canyon National Park -- are now leased to the fossil fuel industry.

But importantly, those fossil fuels that haven't yet been leased contain up to 450 billion tons of potential climate pollution. That's about half of the world's remaining carbon budget to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius, and virtually all of the remaining budget for staying below 1.5 degrees. We simply can't burn it -- and if we can't burn it, it should be banned.

Take action below -- sign our petition urging President Obama to step up as a true climate leader and stop new fossil fuel leasing on America's public lands and waters.

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40456 16 hours ago Glenda Dugan Walnut Creek, CA , US
40455 3 days ago Jacqueline O'Connor Sierra Vista, CA , US
40454 3 days ago Anonymous Sugar Land , TX , US
40453 4 days ago Jerri Jarvis PA, PA , US
40452 4 days ago Jerri Jarvis PA, PA , US
40451 5 days ago Gene and Dori Peters Sun City, AZ , US
40450 5 days ago Tammy Johnson Eht, NJ , US
40449 5 days ago Ivan Popov Everett, MA , US
40448 5 days ago Sandra Newhouse Charlottesville, VA , US
40447 6 days ago Andrew Sulay Dnipropetrovsk, ot , UA
40446 6 days ago Kelly Lund Malmö, ot , SE
40445 6 days ago julia jurado Sacramento, CA , US
40444 6 days ago shannon miller new market, TN , US
40443 7 days ago Karen Baetz Walnut creek, CA , US
40442 1 week ago Mindee Deligt Spokane, WA ,
40441 1 week ago Mindee Deligt Spokane, WA ,
40440 1 week ago Anonymous Washington, VA , US
40439 1 week ago Guy Graham Jersey City, NJ , US
40438 1 week ago Ethan Moreland Rancho Cucamonga, CA , US
40437 1 week ago stan corwin-roach martinsburg, WV , US
40436 1 week ago Debbie Neimark Chicago, IL , US
40435 1 week ago Fernando Pueblo San Diego, CA , US
40434 1 week ago Alisa Adobajor Moscow, ot , RU
40433 1 week ago Jackie Critser Wilsonville , OR , US
40432 1 week ago Robin Hall Waxhaw, NC , US
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