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Tell Obama: Declare Climate Emergency, Ban Oil Exports

President Obama Following the signing of the historic Paris Agreement, President Obama has a chance to take real climate action by declaring a "national emergency" and banning all U.S crude oil exports. More than 350 environmental, social-justice, health and faith organizations have urged him to do just that. Now you can join them.

As global temperatures hit record highs, climate change is unquestionably a national emergency. In fact, it's a "global emergency," according to renowned climate scientist Dr. Jim Hansen.

The president must halt crude exports to give America -- and the world -- a fighting chance to meet the Paris Agreement's crucial goals of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Halting U.S. oil exports could prevent up to 500 million tons of greenhouse emissions -- the pollution equivalent of more than 135 coal-fired power plants -- from entering our atmosphere. Stopping these exports would also curb the dangerous U.S. fracking boom.

Last December, less than a week after agreeing to the Paris climate accord, President Obama signed an omnibus bill lifting a 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports. This was a grave mistake, even if the bill was "must pass." But fortunately there's still a way forward: President Obama can declare a national emergency and prohibit exports for a one-year period, which can be renewed indefinitely.

Please sign our petition calling on the president to declare a climate emergency, reinstate the ban on crude oil exports, and keep fossil fuels in the ground. 

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20112 1 day ago JILLSON ELISHA FROST Santa Fe, NM , US
20111 2 days ago mary kass NY, NY , US
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20109 3 days ago Dawn Carr Charlotte, NC , US
20108 3 days ago Leslie Bow Oro Valley, AZ , US
20107 4 days ago angela fox desert hot springs, CA , US
20106 4 days ago Casey Pittman Coppell, TX , US
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20101 4 days ago Sharon Giles Silver Lake, NH , US
20100 4 days ago Sharon Feldberg Southampton , NJ , US
20099 4 days ago Carlo Zucchi Como, ot , IT
20098 4 days ago gregory.a.. clewell seaside heights, NJ , US
20097 4 days ago cheryl erb salem, OR , US
20096 4 days ago jean Polous IL, IL , US
20095 4 days ago Monica Fellowes Fredericksburg, VA , US
20094 4 days ago kristin andersen fullerton, CA , US
20093 4 days ago Chris Guillory Port Angeles, WA , US
20092 4 days ago Perry Gx CA, CA , US
20091 5 days ago Germano Brandes TX, TX , BR
20090 5 days ago Graham Douglas, J.D. South Carolina, SC , US
20089 5 days ago kathleen conner denver, CO , US
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Please take action by January 3, 2017.

Photo of President Obama courtesy Flickr/Barack Obama.

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