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Stop the Slaughter of Nebraska's Rare Cougars

Mountain lion

Hunters and trappers exterminated Nebraska's cougars over a century ago, but these remarkable survivors have begun returning to the state. If the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission gets its way, sport hunters targeting these rare cats will prevent any further recovery.

Contrary to the views expressed by groups wanting to eliminate predators from the landscape, sport hunting is not necessary to protect livestock. Only one incident of a cougar attacking a calf has been reported in Nebraska, and state law already allows killing of any cougar that threatens people or livestock.

These beautiful wild cats need your help to recover within the state.

Tell your elected officials to support Legislative Bill 961, which would end the issuing of permits for cougar trophy hunting.

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Please take action by June 1, 2016.

Photo of mountain lion courtesy Flickr/Dan Hutcheson.

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