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Stop Cruel Gassing of Texas Wildlife

Western diamondback rattlesnake Texas state officials are considering a ban on "gassing," a barbarous hunting technique used to drive snakes out of their underground shelters. Hunters pour gasoline into snake dens and capture snakes that emerge seeking fresh air.

Gassing is already banned in dozens of states, including all the states bordering Texas, for good reason: Underground dens offer important shelter to hundreds of species, including foxes, lizards, birds and invertebrates. In Texas 20 endangered species living underground can be harmed by suffocating gas fumes.

Only with your support can we convince Texas wildlife officials to stop the cruel and unnecessary practice of using noxious chemicals to hunt wildlife.

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2766 4 days ago sara sexton TX, TX , US
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2762 1 week ago sara sexton TX, TX , US
2761 2 weeks ago Mark Tellez Texas, TX , US
2760 3 weeks ago Eileen Wunderlich Houston, TX , US
2759 3 weeks ago Janet Petermann Austin, TX , US
2758 4 weeks ago Ted Williams United States of America, TX , US
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2755 1 month ago sara sexton TX, TX , US
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2749 1 month ago sara sexton TX, TX , US
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2747 1 month ago Amanda McNeese jonestown, TX , US
2746 1 month ago David Ramirez Sugar Land , TX , US
2745 1 month ago Rae Rogers -rockport, TX , US
2744 1 month ago Denise L Flynn-Webb TX, TX , US
2743 1 month ago sara sexton TX, TX , US
2742 2 months ago chad fuqua houston, TX , US
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Please take action by November 15, 2016.

Photo of Western diamondback rattlesnake courtesy Wikimedia Commons/H. Crisp.

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