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Restore Funding for Citizen Science, Frogs

Spring peeper

Frog songs are music to our ears -- but they're also a key tool for tracking the health of wildlife and ecosystems. For years the U.S. Geological Survey has overseen the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program, a unique initiative that trains novice enthusiasts ("citizen scientists") to get out in the field, identify frog calls and submit data to a central website. Government scientists use this information to study and document the status of frogs across the country.

But due to insufficient congressional funding, USGS had to shutter this program in 2016 -- bringing years of important research to a halt and hindering many state conservation efforts. This is bad news for amphibians, which increasingly face extinction from threats like pollution, habitat destruction and climate change.

Don't let our amphibians lose this crucial support. Tell Congress to restore funding for the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program.

Please take action by June 2, 2017.

Photo of spring peeper by Dave Huth/Flickr.

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