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Speak Up for Wolf Protection in Oregon

Oregon wolf

Oregon's Wolf Conservation and Management Plan is currently being revised by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. When a draft of proposed revisions comes out for public comment later this year, the Center for Biological Diversity will thoroughly analyze it and guide our supporters in providing specific feedback to state officials.

But the commission members need to hear from the public now, while they're drafting changes to the plan.

There are three key areas wolf supporters should be commenting on right now to best ensure no harmful changes are made to the plan.

First, we must hold the commission and the department to promises that this plan would prioritize the conservation of wolves, not their eradication. Second, we must retain the parts of the plan that have been proven to work well for all parties. And last, we must ensure that there is no public hunting or trapping of wolves, of any kind, in Oregon. Ever.

Please take action -- write to the commission now and, if you can, customize your letter. Tell the commission you expect Oregon's wolf plan revisions to manage wolves as protectively as possible, and not weaken protections for wolves on behalf of special interests like the ranching and sport-hunting industry. Remind state officials of their obligation to manage and conserve wolves as a public trust for all Oregonians.

Please take action by March 31, 2017.

Photo of wolf courtesy ODFW.

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