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These 78 Orcas Need Your Help

Southern Resident killer whales

The National Marine Fisheries Service is at last seeking public input on a proposal from the Center for Biological Diversity and allies to create a protection zone for Southern Resident killer whales near Washington's San Juan Island. It's a key feeding area but is overrun by noisy boat traffic -- and that's disrupting the endangered whales' ability to communicate, hunt and rest.     

Please join us in urging the feds to protect these famous orcas, who can be found each winter along the West Coast, from central California to southeast Alaska.

The Southern Resident killer whale population has dropped to just 78 individuals and remains threatened by lack of food due to declining salmon runs, pollution and noise. A protection zone would be a huge break. Vessel traffic in the 10-square-mile area would be prohibited April 1 to Sept. 30, and there would be a "no wake" speed limit.

Using the form on this page, urge the Fisheries Service to follow through with these protections near San Juan Island -- and remind the agency that it's also long overdue in safeguarding the orcas' extensive winter habitat.

Please take action by April 13, 2017.

Photo of Southern Resident killer whales courtesy NOAA.

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