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Stop Trump's Plan to Frack California's Public Lands

Oil drilling

Four years ago a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity shut down oil leasing on federal lands in California. But now the Trump administration wants to restart leasing in the state and auction off our public lands to oil companies. The Bureau of Land Management is considering a plan to open up more than 700,000 acres in central and Northern California to new fossil fuel development, including fracking.

A drilling and fracking boom will devastate these wildlands and neighboring communities and risk irreparable harm to our air and water. Opening up hundreds of thousands of acres to new oil and gas exploration is also terrible climate policy and will undercut our state's commitment to clean, renewable energy. Given the Trump administration's open hostility toward environmental protection, California's leadership on this front is absolutely crucial.

Using the form on this page, send a letter to the BLM demanding that it stop leasing land to the oil industry.

Please take action by April 7, 2017.

Photo of drilling on public lands courtesy BLM.

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