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Tucson: Speak Up for Solar Power

Rooftop solar installation

Tucson's energy future is in trouble. A recent move by Tucson Electric Power promises to have a chilling effect on solar power in the city and could hurt all of us as a result.

The utility has proposed a new plan for rooftop solar customers that, if approved, would cut solar credits, add new monthly charges, and create confusing and unfair rates based on the time each month when energy is used. Basically it's a ploy to prevent people who produce excess solar power from getting reimbursed at a reasonable rate. That means more profits for TEP and fewer people willing to make the switch to solar.

We can't let this plan go through. For years now the utility has been leaning on the false claim that solar customers don't pay their fair share of costs. But what the arguments fail to take into account are the full benefits of solar contributions: They take pressure off TEP during peak-usage times and increase grid reliability -- and of course, they reduce all those nasty environmental costs that come from our dependence on fossil fuels.

Using the form on this page, tell Arizona regulators we deserve much better and insist that they reject TEP's not-so-sunny proposal.

Please take action by July 10, 2017.

Photo of rooftop solar installation by EE Image Database/Flickr.

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