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Help Nevada Lead the Way in Renewable Energy


Since 2015 leading solar companies ceased operations in Nevada, laid off employees and left the sunny state because utility regulators decided to increase costs for all small commercial and residential solar customers. But a new bill proposed in the state legislature can help restore Nevada as a leader in renewable energy and bring the solar market back to life.

Assembly Bill 206 would increase the state's renewable portfolio standard -- the percent of energy from renewable sources -- to 80 percent by 2040, making it one of the most ambitious standards in the country. We need you to tell your state reps to support this important bill and help Nevada reach its full potential.

An ambitious RPS target alone, though, can't replace what Nevada lost when the utilities put the brakes on rooftop solar. A "distributed energy system" with many small sources connected to a grid is better than massive solar arrays in the desert because it prevents energy loss that occurs during long-distance transmission. A distributed system also creates local jobs, reduces land and water use, and allows more people to participate in the market. What the proposed RPS target can do is set the stage for Nevada officials to prioritize distributed solar over mega-projects that would threaten wildlife and public lands.

Those with vested interests, of course, will be working to fight this bill and keep us hooked on fossil fuels -- so act now and urge your legislators to pass A.B. 206 and restore Nevada's place as a leader in clean, renewable energy.

Please take action by June 5, 2017.

Photo of sunrise courtesy BLM.

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