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Get Toxic Lead Out of Illinois State Parks

Bald eagle

Lead is an extremely toxic substance we've rightly removed from gasoline, paint and many other products. But unbelievably this dangerous heavy metal is still entering the food chain via lead hunting ammunition, which poisons wildlife and threatens human health.

More than 4,000 tons of lead are shot into the environment every year in the United States. Animals that ingest spent lead ammunition or scavenge on contaminated carcasses can suffer for years from debilitating lead poisoning before dying painfully. And tiny lead fragments in game meat poison hunting families who eat what they shoot.

That's why an Illinois state lawmaker has introduced a bill (S.B. 1985) that would prohibit lead ammo for hunting in state parks and natural areas. We need you to speak up for the health of families and wildlife in Illinois, including bald eagles.

Using the form on this page, tell your elected officials you support this commonsense bill to get the lead out of Illinois state parks once and for all.

Please take action by May 31, 2017.

Photo of bald eagle by Alan D. Wilson/Nature's Pics Online.

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