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Say No to State-funded Slaughter of Oregon's Wildlife


In Oregon and across the country, state and federal government agents kill native wildlife to help ranchers profit. This slaughter is unnecessary as well as cruel, since nonlethal methods have proven effective in protecting livestock from predators.

Government wildlife killers use leg-hold traps, strangulation snares and poison devices like cyanide bombs to target coyotes, wolves and other wildlife. These indiscriminate killing methods can also hurt or kill people, pets and nontarget wildlife. Earlier this year an endangered wolf in Oregon met a tragic death when it triggered a cyanide bomb set by a taxpayer-funded predator controller tasked with killing coyotes in Wallowa County.

Now there's good news for Oregon wildlife: In her new proposed budget, Governor Brown has proposed almost $1 million in cuts to funding for lethal control of predatory animals.

Using the form on this page, please take a moment to thank her for standing up for wildlife and to let your state legislators know that you support the budget cuts to reduce killing native predators.

Please take action by June 2, 2017.

Photo of coyote by Alan D. Wilson/Nature's Pics Online.

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