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End Trapping of Rare Bobcats of Illinois


By the mid-1900s Illinois bobcats had been decimated by unregulated hunting, trapping and habitat loss. With protection these native wild cats have begun to make a hopeful return to the state -- but they’re in the crosshairs once again.

Last year the Illinois legislature approved the first bobcat hunting and trapping season since 1972. In that one season 141 cats were killed for sport and fur. Further bobcat trapping could have catastrophic consequences for these rare cats, already at risk from collisions with cars, habitat loss and poaching.

Bobcats are small, shy and pose no threats to humans. As a matter of fact, they support our health by preying on rodents, one of their primary food sources, which reduces rodent-borne disease. We can't allow bobcats to vanish from Illinois again.

Please speak up for these beautiful native felines. Using the form on this page, tell your legislators to support Senate Bill 1981, which would amend the state's wildlife code to prohibit bobcat trapping and the purchase and sale of bobcat pelts in the state.

Please take action by June 2, 2017.

Photo of bobcat by Kevin H/Flickr.

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