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Protect Oregon Rivers From Destructive Dredge Mining

Coho salmon

Suction dredge mining -- vacuuming up gravel and sand from river bottoms in search of gold -- is a destructive process that can turn a clear-running mountain stream into a murky ditch. By stirring up sediment on river bottoms, it can release toxic mercury and other heavy metals left over from historic mining, where they hurt endangered fish and wildlife and threaten human health.

Fortunately there's a law pending in the Oregon legislature that would make a temporary moratorium on suction dredge mining in essential salmon habitat permanent. This is what's needed to protect endangered coho salmon and the health of our favorite rivers and streams.

Please take action today. Using the form on this page, urge your state legislator to support Senate Bill 3 banning suction dredge mining in salmon habitat.

Please take action by July 7, 2017.

Photo of coho salmon courtesy Bureau of Land Management.

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