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Help Save Oregon's Elliott State Forest

Elliott State Forest

With towering old trees and excellent habitat for endangered coho salmon, marbled murrelets and spotted owls, the Elliott State Forest is a priceless gem owned by all Oregonians. But whether you know its beauty already or hope to visit someday, now is the time to act if we're going to preserve this special place.

Headed by Governor Kate Brown, the Department of State Lands held an auction on Dec. 13 and received a single bid from a timber company. But fortunately the department decided to delay acceptance of this bid to consider an option for keeping at least part of the Elliott in public hands.

There are two things you can do to help save this forest:

1) Using the form on this page, send a letter to the state land board and tell them you want the Elliott to remain protected and in public hands.

2) Call the members of the land board and tell them that you don't want to see the Elliott sold to a private timber company. Here are the numbers to call: Gov. Kate Brown (503) 378-4582, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (503) 986-1523, and State Treasurer Tobias Read (503) 378-4329.

Please take action by June 26, 2017.

Photo of Elliott State Forest by umpquawild/Flickr.

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