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End Trophy Hunting of Nebraska's Rare Cougars


Persecuted by hunters and trappers, Nebraska's cougar population was eradicated in the early 1900s. But over the past few decades, these majestic cats have begun a hopeful return to the state, establishing a population that now numbers a few dozen.

Cougars have regained only the shakiest paw-hold in the state, but Nebraska's Game and Parks Commission is considering allowing trophy hunters to kill them. This could have catastrophic consequences for these rare cats, who are already at risk from vehicle collisions, habitat loss and poaching.

The livestock industry likes to claim sport hunting of cougars will protect livestock. But state policy already allows cougars that threaten people or stock to be killed. And only one incident of a cougar preying on cattle has been documented in Nebraska since the return of these big cats to the state.

Using the form on this page, ask your legislators to support Legislative Bill 448, which would repeal a 2012 statute authorizing the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to issue permits allowing trophy hunters to kill cougars.

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Please take action by June 1, 2017.

Photo of cougar by cedwardbrice/Flickr.

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