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Protect California's Aquifers From Toxic Oil Waste

Fracking-contaminated water

Right now, if we don't speak up, scores of California's aquifers may become trash dumps for the oil industry.

As you may know, state oil regulators at the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources aren't doing their job of protecting our water resources from oil-industry contamination. Roughly 1,650 wells continue to illegally inject toxic oil industry waste into groundwater aquifers. But instead of upholding the law and shutting down the wells, regulators are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to grant a pardon and waive the aquifer protections of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Your state senator sits on the Senate Natural Resources Committee, which has the power to hold these regulators to task. Those senators need to hear that this issue is important to you, and that the committee should hold oversight hearings of the negligent officials who have missed critical deadlines to shut down the illegal wells and continue to flout the law and common sense by sacrificing our underground water resources.

Since the Trump EPA will never be the fierce environmental protector we need it to be, we must push hard to make sure our own state officials hold the line.

Using the form on this page, please ask your senator to hold oversight hearings of state regulators and protect our aquifers from oil-industry contamination.

And note -- this alert is only for California constituents with state senators on the Senate Natural Resources Committee. Find other Center alerts here.

Please take action by July 31, 2017.

Photo of contaminated water by greensefa/Flickr.

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