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End Diamondback Terrapin Trapping in New York

Diamondback terrapin

Diamondback terrapins have elaborately patterned shells and delightfully speckled skin. They distinguish themselves by being the only turtles in North America that live exclusively in semi-salty coastal waters.

Sadly, these turtles have become as rare and valuable as the gems they're named after. Facing threats from hunting, entanglement in fishing gear, traffic accidents and loss of habitat, they're struggling to survive.

But there's some good news: Thanks in part to overwhelming action from our members and supporters, New York state wildlife officials have proposed ending terrapin hunting in the state once and for all. Closing the hunting season would take some of the pressure off these turtles, giving them a chance to recover.

Help diamondback terrapins get the fighting chance they deserve. Using the form on this page, tell state wildlife officials that you support the proposal to end terrapin hunting.

Please take action by June 9, 2017.

Photo of diamondback terrapin by bufflehead/Flickr.

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