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Help Save Nevada's Carnivores

Mountain lions

Nevada's mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes play a vital role in keeping our state wild -- but these beautiful carnivores are under threat.

Poor rules for trapping in Nevada result in the illegal killing of dozens of mountain lions every year. And state law says that 80 percent of every $3 hunting tag that's bought must be spent on lethal predator control -- which means about half a million dollars every year directly support state-sanctioned killing of thousands of coyotes and hundreds of mountain lions.

Happily we now have a chance to change that. Forward-thinking Nevada legislators Senator David Parks and Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle have introduced bills S.B. 364 and A.B. 101 to better protect our mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes.

S.B. 364 would require mandatory trap registration, improved signage in trapping areas and a reduced trap-check interval. These steps will reduce deaths of wildlife for which these traps are not intended -- such as mountain lions -- and improve safety for public land users and their domestic pets.

A.B. 101 would remove the 80 percent lethal predator-control mandate, allowing the state wildlife agency to apply science-based wildlife management techniques rather than being forced to indiscriminately kill wildlife.

Using the form on this page, help Nevada's carnivores by urging your state representatives to support S.B. 364 and A.B. 101.

Please take action by May 25, 2017.

Photo of mountain lions by Robert Mautz/Flickr.

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