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Say No to Sprawl Nightmare in L.A. County

Swainson's hawk

The Tejon Ranch Company, already notorious for its war against endangered California condors, now wants to build a city in rural Antelope Valley, northwestern Los Angeles County. The giant "Centennial" development -- more than 19,300 houses and 10 million square feet of industry and commerce -- would be plopped down on top of California's very last, best native grassland.

In an era of climate change and shrinking natural resources, a massive, sprawling exurb is the last thing we need.

At least 42 protected wildlife species call this place home and would be hurt by the sprawl, including condors, western yellow-billed cuckoos and Swainson's hawks.

The development is far from jobs and public transit, so it will lead to ugly traffic jams on Interstate 5 and increase carbon pollution in an area that already suffers poor air quality. These new burdens will put California's climate change goals further out of reach.

The Centennial project is way out of step with current successful development markets, which focus on transit-friendly, walkable cities near jobs.

Using the form on this page, tell L.A. County's Department of Regional Planning to reject this disastrous project to protect our precious grasslands, air quality, wildlife and climate.

Please take action by August 16, 2017.

Photo of Swainson's hawk by Jim Nix/Flickr.

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