Wolves Under Congressional Attack -- Take Action
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Wolves Under Congressional Attack -- Take Action


Wolves and the Endangered Species Act are once again under serious assault. In the next two weeks Congress will be considering no fewer than three separate bills to remove federal protection from wolves in the western Great Lakes states. If any of these bills become law, thousands of wolves will be cruelly killed by hunters and trappers. These cynical bills would not only harm wolves, but would weaken and undermine the Endangered Species Act itself, which is under attack as never before.

Congress will be considering the following bills:

S.154: Former environmental champion Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has joined forces with anti-wildlife Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) in sponsoring the cynically named "HELP for Wildlife Act," which would strip federal protection from Great Lakes wolves and block judicial review.  

H.R. 242: The "Gray Wolf State Management Act of 2017" would also remove federal protection from Great Lakes wolves.

2018 Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill: This budget bill, which funds many government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and Fish and Wildlife Service, has contained anti-wolf riders three years in a row. Fiscal year 2018's budget bill contains two anti-wolf provisions: one which would block funding for protections, including recovery, for all wolves across all lower 48 states, and one which would strip protections from wolves in the Great Lakes region.

Using the form on this page, please call your members in Congress and demand that they protect wolves and defend the Endangered Species Act.  

Here's a sample call script. If you get a voicemail, please leave a message.

Hi, my name is ____, and I'm calling from [City, State]. I'm appalled by the three bills that are currently being considered by Congress to strip federal protection from wolves. These continuous attacks on our country's endangered wolves are shameful, cruel and unacceptable. I insist that you oppose any legislation that attacks the Endangered Species Act and the wildlife that it protects. Thank you.

Please take action by Sept. 29, 2017.

Photo of gray wolf by Arne von Brill/Flickr.

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