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Don't Let Big Oil Set California's Climate Policy


All eyes are on California to lead the Trump resistance with real climate action. Yet incredibly, in order to pass a bill getting some policies he wants -- including an extension of the state's greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program through 2030 -- Gov. Jerry Brown has cut a backroom deal with Big Oil, handing the industry its wish list of special favors and exemptions from California law.

Using the form on this page, please call your elected officials right now and urge them to vote no on Assembly Bill 398.

This new bill would make cap-and-trade the only way that the state's Air Resources Board can address climate pollution from oil and gas refineries and production facilities. The bill would give Big Oil and other polluters within the cap-and-trade system a free pass from other crucial rules that protect our health and climate.

Tying the hands of our state's most successful pollution regulators means less progress in fighting climate disruption, dirtier air for communities already suffering an unfair burden, and vastly reduced public participation in the rule-setting process.   

Some argue that air-quality benefits supposedly provided by a companion bill, A.B. 617, justify the rollbacks. But any such benefits are uncertain and don't justify this deal. Please call your legislators now and urge them to vote no on A.B. 398.

Here's a sample call script.

Hi, my name is ____ and I'm from ____.  I'm calling to ask that you please vote no on Assembly Bill 398. This bill is a bad deal and sets a horrible precedent. It favors the oil industry over California's air and climate. And crucially, it would block state and local air boards from continuing to set powerful rules to reduce greenhouse pollution as they've done for so many other air pollutants.

It makes no sense to tie the hands of our state and local regulators. Blocking important rules like the proposed cap on greenhouse gas emissions for Bay Area refineries would make it harder to reduce pollution from those refineries. It would also heap even dirtier air on communities already suffering an unfair burden, and it would prevent Californians like me from having a say in the rule-setting process.

We need a deal that works for all Californians -- not one that gives special favors to the oil industry. Please vote no on A.B. 398.

Please take action by July 24, 2017.

Photo of smokestack by Señor Codo/Flickr.

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