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Don't Let Trump Turn This Forest Into a Coal Mine

Canada lynx

Trump's bringing his war on the climate to national forests in Colorado. He wants to expand coal mining into the stunning Sunset Roadless Area in the West Elk mountains -- some of the state's most pristine backcountry.

We have to stop him.

The roadless area -- a rolling landscape of aspen and spruce-fir forests -- is a treasured recreational resource. It's also home to animals like beavers, black bears, mountain lions, goshawks and imperiled Canada lynx. And scientific studies show that to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must keep all remaining fossil fuels in the ground -- but 17 million tons of coal would be mined from this roadless area.

Using the form on this page, tell the Forest Service you don't want the Sunset Roadless Area bulldozed for dirty, climate-wrecking coal.

Please take action by July 24, 2017.

Photo of Canada lynx by nyko18/Flickr.

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