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Act Now -- Save California's Desert Water

Mojave Trails National Monument

A bill now pending in the state legislature could save the beautiful Mojave Desert from the massive, destructive water grab that is the Cadiz water project. It would require a full review of the project by the State Lands Commission.

Using the form on this page, please tell your state representatives to support Assembly Bill 1000 (Friedman) now.

To feed sprawl development, the Cadiz project would pump about 50,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year from the ancient aquifer that lies beneath the new Mojave Trails National Monument. The survival of desert bighorn sheep, the adjacent Mojave National Preserve and the cultural landscape of native desert peoples depend on this water -- such pumping would devastate life-giving springs and seeps already threatened by climate change.

The Trump administration has put this boondoggle on a list of high-priority infrastructure projects. Tell your state reps how crucial it is that they support this bill.

Please take action by Oct. 16, 2017.

Photo of Cadiz Dunes Wilderness in Mojave Trails National Monument by Bob Wick/BLM.

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