Keep New York's Terrapins Out of Traps
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Keep New York's Terrapins Out of Traps

Diamondback terrapin

Diamondback terrapins are the wild jewels of eastern coastlines, known for their beautifully patterned shells. They also play a key ecological role by eating snails that devastate salt-marsh grasses and leave behind barren mudflats. Sadly countless terrapins are unintentionally drowned in crab traps each year when they're lured in by the bait and can't escape. 

But there's hope for these rare turtles — and you can help. Using the form on this page, tell the state of New York to save terrapins from drowning by requiring terrapin excluder devices (TEDs).

TEDs are small, inexpensive gadgets that can be attached to crab traps to save terrapins from unnecessary harm. New York has proposed a new rule to require TEDs on all crab traps in terrapin habitat. This new rule is good for conservationists and crabbers alike, preventing the senseless loss of terrapins while insignificantly affecting crab hauls.

Tell New York officials you support these common-sense protections for the state's treasured terrapins.

Please take action by Aug. 28, 2017.

Learn more about New York's proposed rules to protect terrapins.

Photo of diamondback terrapin by Howard Patterson/Flickr.

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