North Carolina: Tell Gov. Cooper to Reject the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
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North Carolina: Tell Gov. Cooper to Reject the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Carolina madtom

There's still time to help stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline before it's too late. With the pipeline slated for federal approval, Gov. Cooper is the last line of defense for North Carolina. We must urge him to deny the necessary water permits to the dirty fossil fuel companies behind this disastrous 519-mile project. The pipeline would cross more than 560 streams and wetlands in eastern North Carolina and harm 30 threatened species, including the Carolina madtom and Neuse River waterdog.

Take action now: Using the form on this page, write Gov. Cooper and urge him to reject the water permit that Duke Energy and Dominion Energy need before they can plow a 100-foot-wide scar down the eastern seaboard.

The pipeline would require nearly 600 acres of forested wetlands in North Carolina to be cleared for construction, which will entail blasting, drilling and trenching. It would burrow beneath six major rivers, putting the drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people at risk. Habitats will be divided and destroyed, wildlife will be displaced, and our watersheds will be polluted.

Speak out against this project. Tell Gov. Cooper to stand up for North Carolinians and exercise his full power to protect our water and wildlife.

Please take action by Sept. 20, 2017.

Photo of Carolina madtom by D. Biggins/USFWS.

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