Massachusetts: Help Save Elephants and Rhinos
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Massachusetts: Help Save Elephants and Rhinos


Did you know that in 2015 Massachusetts was the fourth-largest ivory market in the United States? That's right. The elephant and rhino poaching crisis isn't just happening in Africa, but in your home state. Here's your chance to change that.

Using the form on this page, tell your state legislators to support two new bills, S.450 and H.419, that will ban ivory and rhino horn trade in Massachusetts.

With one elephant dying every 15 minutes and with rhinos also disappearing, we must act fast. A new federal law restricts elephant ivory sales, but Massachusetts law still has gaping loopholes that allow the selling and trading of ivory and rhino horn. It's hard to imagine, but just two years ago Boston was ranked 4th in the United States for sales of ivory advertised on Craigslist. This new bill would remove those loopholes by banning the import, in-state and internet sale and distribution of ivory and rhino horns in Massachusetts.

Take action today: Tell your state legislators to help save elephants and rhinos, and support these important bills.

Please take action by Nov. 15, 2017.

Photo of African elephant by Vince O'Sullivan/Flickr.

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