Tell Gov. Cooper: N.C. Forests Aren't Fuel
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Tell Gov. Cooper: N.C. Forests Aren't Fuel

North Carolina forest

The wood pellet industry has its eyes on North Carolina's forests, and we need your help safeguarding these precious areas for both people and wildlife.  

Using the sample call script below, please call Gov. Roy Cooper today at (919) 814-2000 or (919) 814-2050 and urge him to revoke the permit for Enviva's destructive Richmond County plant. Then let us know you called.

Hi, my name is _____, and I live in _____. I'm calling to urge Gov. Cooper to protect the forests and people of Richmond County by revoking Enviva's permit for a wood pellet mill. If constructed, this mill will clearcut nearly 50 acres of forests a day. It'll pollute our air. And it'll cut down the standing trees we need to combat climate change.

I was also upset to hear that Enviva received its permit for this mill without having a public hearing, ignoring the community that will be harmed. And as you know, there is an active lawsuit challenging the permit. That's why I urge the governor to revoke Enviva's permit today and prove that he is a true climate champion. Thank you.


Enviva is one of the biggest companies in the wood pellet industry, which is turning North Carolina forests into fuel for European power plants. The industry claims to be clean and green — but in reality it's dirty from forest to smokestack. Enviva has been caught clearcutting coastal forests that provide critical habitat to many rare and imperiled species.

The new wood pellet mill would cover nearby communities with soot pollution. It'll also bring dust and noise from 200 truck deliveries per day. Once the pellets get to Europe, they'll be burned in huge power plants, giving off even more CO2 than the coal they're meant to replace.

Fortunately there's still time for Gov. Cooper to act before Enviva breaks ground this fall. Tell the governor to revoke the past administration's permit and spare Richmond County, North Carolina's forests, and our climate from this disastrous project.

Please take action by Sept. 29, 2017.

Photo of North Carolina forest by Erin Johnson/Flickr.

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