Take the Pledge to Save the Endangered Species Act
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Take the Pledge to Save the Endangered Species Act

Monarch butterfly

Trump and his cronies in Congress are an unprecedented threat to America's most vulnerable wildlife, from monarch butterflies to jaguars. Since January 2017 Congress has launched 47 legislative attacks against the Endangered Species Act. Polluters and profiteers are perfectly fine with pushing plants and animals to the brink of extinction just to make a buck.

If we're going to save the Act and every species it protects, we need to take immediate action to fight the Trump administration's anti-wildlife agenda.

Join the movement to save the Endangered Species Act by signing our pledge today. Together we'll take on Trump's administration through science, law, media and the collective voice of millions.

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40 20 hours ago Marion Schorr
39 22 hours ago Erika Boka
38 22 hours ago Sigrid Spichal
37 1 day ago Inge Stadler
36 1 day ago rudolf mühl
35 1 day ago Janina Grage
34 1 day ago Sigrid Dr. Neef
33 1 day ago Rolf Mense
32 1 day ago Marie Alabiso
31 2 days ago Janina Grage
30 3 days ago Herb Nischik
29 3 days ago Jae Z
28 3 days ago Julie Hayward
27 3 days ago Susan Slapnick
26 3 days ago Inge Stadler
25 4 days ago Debra Nix
24 4 days ago Marion Schorr
23 4 days ago Sigrid Spichal
22 4 days ago Sigrid Spichal
21 4 days ago Sigrid Spichal
20 4 days ago Sigrid Dr. Neef
19 4 days ago Rolf Mense
18 4 days ago Tina Luzader
17 4 days ago Tina Luzader
16 5 days ago Rhonda Rivera
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Please take action by Dec. 29, 2017.

Photo of monarch butterfly by TexasEagle/Flickr.

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