Protect Sage Grouse From Fracking, Drilling and Mining
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Protect Sage Grouse From Fracking, Drilling and Mining

Greater sage grouse

The Bureau of Land Management is considering amendments to land-use plans for greater sage grouse habitat across 10 western states. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has made it clear he intends to gut these already weak plans to make it even easier for corporations to frack, drill, and mine in the birds' habitat on public lands.

Greater sage grouse are completely dependent on intact sagebrush steppe for survival. Over the past 200 years, agriculture, oil and gas drilling, livestock grazing and development have reduced their range by nearly half, and their populations have steadily declined. Zinke's "drill first, ask later" agenda threatens to hasten the loss of sagebrush habitat and accelerate the bird's trajectory towards extinction.

Using the form on this page, tell the BLM that greater sage grouse urgently need increased protections consistent with science, including an end to all new oil and gas drilling in their habitat.

Want to have even more impact? Personalize this letter. Tell the BLM why the greater sage grouse matters to you.

Please take action by Dec. 1, 2017.

Photo of greater sage grouse by Tatiana Gettelman/USGS.

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