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Tell Your Legislators: Ban Fracking in California

Fracking rig

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California has the largest shale oil reserves in the nation. And that means oil and gas companies are chomping at the bit to extract this oil through hydraulic fracturing, commonly called "fracking."

Fracking is a dangerous, rapidly spreading drilling technique that endangers our state's water, air, wildlife and public health. Frighteningly, California's state regulators do not now require oil and gas companies to report when or where they are fracking wells -- or what toxic chemicals they use. This means that when fracking is happening right next to our communities, streams, lakes and fragile wildlife habitat, we may not even know it.

The best way to protect our state is to prohibit this dangerous practice. Californians now have an opportunity to push for a ban.

Use the form below to ask your state legislators to impose a ban on fracking in California before irreversible damage is done to our wildlife, land and water.

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Photo of fracking rig courtesy Flickr/Jeremy Buckingham.

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