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Change Rattlesnake Roundups to Humane Festivals

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

"Rattlesnake roundups" are cruel contests where hunters bring in as many wild snakes as they can catch in a year; afterwards the snakes are slaughtered and sold for their skin and meat.

They're a serious problem -- one that many people don't even know exist. Roundups in the Southeast, for example, are driving sharp declines of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, which is the target of contests in Whigham, Ga., and Opp, Ala. In response to a Center petition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found that eastern diamondbacks may now need Endangered Species Act protection.

Across the country rattlers play a key role in the food web, especially in terms of rodent control. And because hunters often use gasoline to drive snakes from their dens, roundups are also harmful to hundreds of other species that share their homes with the snakes. In Texas, 20 endangered species living underground can be harmed by suffocating gas fumes, which is why the Center recently petitioned to end "gassing" of Texas snake dens.

Please sign our petition asking communities to change their roundups to festivals where snakes are celebrated and admired -- not hunted and killed.

We, the undersigned, are writing to urge you to change the rattlesnake roundup held in your community to a humane festival where snakes are not hunted or killed. Towns such as Claxton, Ga., have already changed their roundups to successful wildlife festivals that generate income for their communities. We urge you to follow their example and change your roundup to an event where snakes are not collected or slaughtered.
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67735 Mon Aug 29 19:50:19 EDT 2016 Christopher Porter Wallasey, ot , GB
67734 Sat Aug 27 00:41:46 EDT 2016 Marcia Leone Concord, CA , US
67733 Fri Aug 26 22:05:37 EDT 2016 Natalie Beatty WA, WA , US
67732 Fri Aug 26 18:07:48 EDT 2016 Sue Velez Delran, NJ , US
67731 Thu Aug 25 18:43:38 EDT 2016 Sarah Payette Macomb, MI , US
67730 Thu Aug 25 16:33:35 EDT 2016 Yael Shimshon Jerusalem, ot , IL
67729 Tue Aug 23 11:56:49 EDT 2016 kendra cope PA, PA , US
67728 Mon Aug 22 18:24:27 EDT 2016 Marcia Leone Concord, CA , US
67727 Sun Aug 21 22:01:57 EDT 2016 Rose An California, CA , US
67726 Sun Aug 21 18:03:18 EDT 2016 Lisa Klein Acworth, GA , US
67725 Sun Aug 21 04:05:49 EDT 2016 Amanda Cruise France, MT , FR
67724 Sun Aug 21 01:08:40 EDT 2016 Dominique Nemo Paris, ot , FR
67723 Sat Aug 20 20:40:53 EDT 2016 Antonio Delgado Fenoy Torre del Mar (Malaga). SPAIN, ot , ES
67722 Sat Aug 20 14:09:07 EDT 2016 Joan Hobbs Mountain Home, ID , US
67721 Sat Aug 20 11:52:21 EDT 2016 Christopher Dunham Feasterville, PA , US
67720 Sat Aug 20 08:33:23 EDT 2016 Carol Garde Sunrise, FL , US
67719 Sat Aug 20 07:16:43 EDT 2016 Diane Schwarz Cheverly, MD , US
67718 Sat Aug 20 06:02:19 EDT 2016 Sonia Romero Villanueva Sant Adrian del Besos, ot , ES
67717 Fri Aug 19 23:09:03 EDT 2016 Lesley Stansfield S.F., CA , US
67716 Fri Aug 19 20:34:26 EDT 2016 GABRIELA VARGAS None, ot , MX
67715 Fri Aug 19 18:16:13 EDT 2016 Anonymous Wilkes Barre, PA , US
67714 Fri Aug 19 15:15:16 EDT 2016 Kim Sellon New Providence, NJ , US
67713 Fri Aug 19 14:29:07 EDT 2016 Nicole Loh Singapore, ot , SG
67712 Fri Aug 19 13:20:44 EDT 2016 Patricia Valadez New York, NY , US
67711 Fri Aug 19 10:39:01 EDT 2016 Sylwia Zielinska Zambrow, ot , PL
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Photo of eastern diamondback rattlesnake by D. Bruce Means.

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