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Save Florida's Manatees from Development

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Your help is needed to save Florida's largest and deepest spring, and the incredible animals that live there.

The state of Florida is considering opening Wakulla Spring to recreational diving, which would threaten the survival of species like the manatees that call the spring home. Please send a letter to Florida officials asking them to keep in place the current policy, which protects Wakulla Spring from development and recreational impacts.

Manatees use Wakulla Spring as a warm-water refuge during the winter. One of the biggest threats to manatees is the loss of spring habitats. Diving is known to be particularly disruptive to manatees, and opening Wakulla Spring to recreational diving and development would disturb the manatees and degrade the value of this important habitat.

Florida officials need to hear loud and clear that Wakulla spring is too delicate to be opened for recreational diving -- please sign the letter below and protect this American treasure.

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Additional Information: The Florida cave amphipod, Woodville Karst cave crayfish, Big Blue Springs cave crayfish and Hobb's cave amphipod all depend on the clean water and delicately balanced food web of the spring for survival. Opening the spring to recreation would risk disrupting the fragile environment and introducing pathogens and invasive species to this beautiful and fragile spring.

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Photo of manatees courtesy of Flickr Commons/David Hinkel.

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