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Save Sea Turtle Hatchlings in Florida

sea turtle hatchling
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The U.S. Coast Guard is evaluating the status of the Hillsboro Inlet Entrance Lighthouse in Pompano, Fla., and its effect on endangered sea turtles. The lighthouse currently casts an extremely bright, 1,000-watt light onto the beach that attracts sea turtle hatchlings and lures them to their doom.

For years authorized volunteers who patrol the area have rescued disoriented hatchlings and moved them to darker beaches. Studies show that hatchlings scan a 180-degree area close to the horizon before they crawl toward light. Artificial light can also cause nesting mothers to head toward land instead of the sea where they and their young die of exhaustion, predation, entanglement, dehydration or even automotive strikes on coastal roads.
Unfortunately this issue has been inaccurately spun as a choice between endangered sea turtles and a beloved, historic lighthouse. But in fact the lighthouse may not be at risk as long as steps are taken to give Florida’s sea turtles a fighting chance.

Please use the form below to ask the U.S. Coast Guard to enact simple measures necessary to save Florida's endangered sea turtles, and for an even greater impact add your own two cents to the suggestions.

And if you're in the Pompano area, please attend a public rally this Saturday, March 24 -- learn more here.

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For more information about leatherback sea turtles, visit our Web page.

Photo of leatherback sea turtle courtesy Flickr Commons/jimmyweee.

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