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Your beach may be more polluted than you think. Each hour we dump one ton of invisible pollution into the ocean; if it were a visible, tangible substance like oil, we would demand that the spill be halted. Even though you can't see it, this pollution threatens our sea life -- from the smallest of plankton to the greatest of whales.

The pollution is carbon dioxide, and it's making our oceans more acidic. Ocean acidification is linked to global warming in that both are caused by CO2 buildup and both threaten to cause unprecedented devastation to the planet's biome. The early effects are already here: Baby oysters cannot survive in waters off the Pacific Northwest, coral growth has been stunted in Florida, and polar waters have eroded the shells of prey that sustain Alaska's salmon and whales.

Sign the petition below and tell the president and the Environmental Protection Agency we must act now to end ocean acidification. The science is in, and there's no debate: Ocean acidification threatens our marine life and coastal communities. The EPA has the tools to prevent ocean acidification from hurting corals, sea otters, salmon and whales, but it must act swiftly.

It's time for the Environmental Protection Agency to act to save our sea life! Protect our coastal ecosystems and communities from ocean acidification. If the EPA waits too long, the impacts on our oceans -- their coral reefs, fisheries and other marine life -- could be devastating.

The president and the EPA have the power to prevent the harmful impacts of ocean acidification. We urge the EPA to use its authority under the Clean Water Act to:

-- develop a national plan to address ocean acidification;
-- identify waters impaired by ocean acidification;
-- monitor our coastal ecosystems, coral reefs and fisheries for impacts.

We support swift and decisive action to curb CO2 pollution that is threatening to change the oceans as we know them -- teeming with rich, colorful life.
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91114 Sun Dec 21 22:46:24 EST 2014 Yuriko Hazlett Oxnard, CA , US
91113 Sun Dec 21 18:48:38 EST 2014 Sandra Mathes Saint Louis, MO , US
91112 Sun Dec 21 09:29:02 EST 2014 Debbie Neimark Chicago, IL , US
91111 Sun Dec 21 07:04:21 EST 2014 Emily Fite St. Joseph, MO , US
91110 Sun Dec 21 06:51:50 EST 2014 Anonymous Aberdeen, ot , GB
91109 Sun Dec 21 06:32:27 EST 2014 Jorunn Kristoffersen Sykkylven, CO , NO
91108 Sun Dec 21 05:59:15 EST 2014 Neus Ros Alella, Barcelona, ot , ES
91107 Sat Dec 20 13:41:49 EST 2014 Marta Styczynska Prievidza, ot , SK
91106 Sat Dec 20 09:58:55 EST 2014 Liane McFetridge Norholt, ot , GB
91105 Fri Dec 19 12:24:15 EST 2014 Anonymous Easton, PA , US
91104 Fri Dec 19 12:19:28 EST 2014 Cecilia Rivas Hermitage, TN , US
91103 Fri Dec 19 05:11:48 EST 2014 Anonymous cleveland, OH , US
91102 Fri Dec 19 03:35:23 EST 2014 sija sur zagreb, ot , HR
91101 Fri Dec 19 01:37:26 EST 2014 Eileen King Royal Palm Beach, FL , US
91100 Thu Dec 18 21:41:59 EST 2014 LUKE HANSEN Hood River, OR , US
91099 Thu Dec 18 17:16:39 EST 2014 barbara santamaria barcelona, ot , ES
91098 Thu Dec 18 17:06:34 EST 2014 briony savage edin, ot , GB
91097 Thu Dec 18 14:57:20 EST 2014 rachel taylor huntington be, CA , US
91096 Thu Dec 18 14:26:36 EST 2014 Marion Curlin Seattle, WA , US
91095 Thu Dec 18 14:10:10 EST 2014 charmaine breitengross los angeles, CA , US
91094 Thu Dec 18 01:21:24 EST 2014 Shinobu Fukushima Tokyo, ot , JP
91093 Wed Dec 17 22:56:06 EST 2014 Barbara Maloit Marshfield, MA , US
91092 Tue Dec 16 22:50:01 EST 2014 Cindy Reed Sedona, AZ , US
91091 Mon Dec 15 19:25:23 EST 2014 Kim Hart Des Moines, IA , US
91090 Mon Dec 15 18:04:38 EST 2014 julie brown Beverly Hills, CA , US
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