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Keystone XL Is Back: Tell Your Senator to Block It

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At the behest of Big Oil, the U.S. House of Representatives has inserted language into an extension of the transportation bill that would grant immediate approval to the Keystone XL pipeline.

If built, Keystone XL would transport dirty tar-sands oil 1,700 miles across six states and hundreds of water bodies, posing an unacceptable risk if spills occurred -- which they would. An existing pipeline called Keystone 1 has already leaked 14 times since becoming operational in June 2010. A single spill dumped 21,000 gallons of tar-sands crude.

The extraction and refinement of tar-sands oil produces two to three times more greenhouse gases per gallon than conventional oil. This represents a massive new source of carbon dioxide emissions that leading climate scientist Dr. James Hansen has called "game over" for our ability to avoid a climate catastrophe.

This pipeline or any other from the tar sands should absolutely not be built.  Please write to your senators and ask them to block any legislation that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Special action for supporters who live in California, Montana, West Virginia, Illinois, South Dakota, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, Alabama, Texas and North Dakota:

One of your senators is on the committee that will decide if language approving Keystone XL makes it into the transportation bill, which makes your input absolutely vital.

Please, find your state below and call the senator listed (his or her phone number should appear on this screen). Tell your senator that the Keystone XL pipeline is not in the interest of you, your state or the planet. Thank you.

California: Senator Barbara Boxer
Montana: Senator Max Baucus
West Virginia: Senator Jay Rockefeller
Illinois: Senator Dick Durbin
South Dakota: Senator Tim Johnson
New York: Senator Charles Schumer
Florida: Senator Bill Nelson
New Jersey: Senator Robert Menendez
Oklahoma: Senator James Inhofe
Louisiana: Senator David Vitter
Utah: Senator Orrin Hatch
Alabama: Senator Richard Shelby
Texas: Senator Kay Hutchinson
North Dakota: Senator John Hoeven

*Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Please take action by May 15.

For more information about Keystone XL, visit our Web page.

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