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Stop the Polar Bear Extinction Plan

polar bear on shrinking sea ice
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Shrinking sea ice poses an immediate, lethal threat to polar bears. Researchers have tracked a female bear swimming for nine days without rest through the Beaufort Sea before she found a sea-ice platform; she survived, but her cub drowned.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced plans to reinstate a Bush-era regulation, issued under section 4(d) of the Endangered Species Act, that sharply limits protections for polar bears. We need to speak out against it.

Industrial greenhouse gas emissions from outside of the polar bears' range will be disqualified from regulation under this "special rule." It also reduces protections the bears would otherwise receive to survive the fallout of oil development in its Alaska habitat.

Polar bears were the first mammals added to the endangered and threatened species list solely because of threats from global warming. A conservation rule that blocks the very actions needed to limit carbon emissions and save polar bears is no conservation plan at all. It's an extinction plan.

Please use the form below to ask the Fish and Wildlife Service to create a real polar bear conservation rule that addresses the most pressing threat to its survival: global warming.

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Photo of polar bear (c) David S. Isenberg.

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