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Keep Children and Wildlife Safe From Rat Poisons

San Joaquin kit fox
The San Joaquin kit fox:
victim of reckless rodenticide.
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We all know rat poisons kill; what's less known is that rat poisons often harm or kill unintended victims like wildlife, pets or even children.

In 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency instructed rodenticide manufacturers to take common-sense steps to prevent unintended poisonings: The EPA banned the most super-toxic rat poisons from residential use and required tamper-resistant bait stations to avoid accidental exposure from "loose" poison pellets to wildlife, pets and children.

For more than 20 years the EPA has collected a wealth of evidence that products sold under the labels "d-CON" and "Hot Shot" also pose an unnecessary risk to a range of wildlife, including, for instance, endangered San Joaquin kit foxes, bobcats and eagles.

Most companies complied with the EPA's instructions and pulled their most dangerous products -- but three companies are fighting to keep their reckless rat poisons on the market.

Tell the EPA to stand firm in the face of threats from these rat poison manufacturers and get these lethal poisons off the shelves.

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Photo of San Joaquin kit fox (c) B. Moose Peterson.

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