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El Segundo blue butterfly
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The Center for Biological Diversity just released a groundbreaking scientific report analyzing the effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act, in time for Endangered Species Day 2012.

It is an in-depth review of 110 animals and plants from all 50 states, which clearly shows that the Act's powerful protections have put our nation's most imperiled species on the road to recovery.

The study, On Time, On Target: How the Endangered Species Act Is Saving America's Wildlife concludes that 90 percent of these species are on time for recovery. Species like the California least tern, San Miguel Island fox, black-footed ferret, El Segundo blue butterfly and Atlantic green sea turtle have seen their populations increase by more than 2,000 percent since they were granted protection under the Act.

The Act is the most powerful species-conservation tool there is -- yet it comes under constant attack from right-wing politicians who claim it's a failure.

Please take a moment to ask your senators to become strong supporters of the Endangered Species Act, help defend the Act and the endangered wildlife it protects.

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For more information, read On Time, On Target: How the Endangered Species Act Is Saving America's Wildlife.

Photo of El Segundo blue butterfly (c) Travis Longcore.

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