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Reject Keystone XL 2.0

Keystone XL protest at White House
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Keystone XL is back, and still terrible.

President Obama rightly rejected the Keystone XL pipeline in January. But in May, the oil giant TransCanada sent a new construction application to the State Department with different, “better” routes through Nebraska.

Please tell President Barack Obama to ditch the dirty energy bomb, then spread the word.

The new project is still a nightmare-in-the-making, promising dozens of spills and leaks throughout its 50-year lifespan, threats to our climate and the Ogallala Aquifer and harm to imperiled wildlife like whooping cranes and piping plovers.

Neither the State Department nor TransCanada has ever fully analyzed or informed the public about these environmental dangers.

We need to keep the pressure on to get the message across: No matter the route, Keystone XL will never be safe enough.

Please use the form below to tell President Obama that it's time to reject Keystone XL for good.

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Read more about the Keystone XL project here.

Photo of Keystone XL protest at White House courtesy Flickr Commons/tarsandsaction.

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