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Stop the Gunning Down of Oregon Wolves

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The Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan talks about coexistence with wolves, but relies on voluntary measures to prevent conflicts and ensures that wolves will pay the price with their lives when such measures don’t suffice.

The wolf plan also calls for taking the wolves off the state endangered species list when just four breeding pairs exist – a perilously low number that is not scientifically supportable.

The Imnaha Pack’s travails, and that of two wolves shot from the air last year in Oregon, illustrate how weak the wolf plan’s protections are for these social animals. In both cases, wolves preyed on livestock in the vicinity of livestock carcasses that the wolves had not killed but that attracted them into an area of vulnerable stock.

Please send an email today to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife requesting that revisions in the wolf plan prohibit attracting wolves through food sources, including livestock carcasses from non-wolf killed stock. Please also tell the state agency to ban wolf “control” and to develop a scientifically supportable target for wolf numbers and distribution before wolves can be taken off the state endangered species list.

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Gray wolf photo courtesy Michigan Department of Natural Resources.