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Protect Our Coasts From New Drilling

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Interior Secretary Salazar announced plans to expand offshore oil and gas drilling shortly before the Gulf spill disaster. Even now, in the wake of the Gulf spill -- the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history -- the federal government is contemplating opening vast new areas in the Arctic, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico to offshore oil exploration.

Just weeks before the BP oil spill disaster, President Obama justified expanding offshore oil drilling by stating:

"I want to put out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don't cause spills. They are technologically very advanced."

Now, in light of the catastrophe in the Gulf, it's painfully obvious that new drilling is far too risky and jeopardizes the fate of the marine environment, our coasts and the communities that depend on them.

We have an opportunity right now to tell the Obama administration that what's needed is a permanent moratorium on new offshore drilling. The government is accepting public comments as it prepares an environmental review of its offshore oil and gas program for 2012-2017. The review will evaluate offering lease sales in the Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea and Cook Inlet off Alaska; western, central, and eastern Gulf of Mexico; and south and mid-Atlantic.

Now is the time to act.
Please use the form below to protect our oceans and coasts and send your letter opposing new dangerous drilling today.

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BP rig flaring photo courtesy Patrick Kelley, U.S. Coast Guard.